1. Them Changes- Buddy Miles Tribute by Slight Return®

  2. Shake, Move, Groove- Slight Return® feat. William Pope on Vocals!

  3. Slight Return Press Kit Video

  4. George Clinton and Mark Kassa Jamming On Stage

  5. Mark Kassa- Third Stone From the Sun Guitar Solo Live!

  6. Come and Get Your Love- Slight Return® Tribute to the band Redbone

  7. Happy Birthday Song by Slight Return

  8. Mark Kassa’s “Filthy Rich” Guitar Solo Live!

  9. Voodoo Child- Slight Return feat. Dennis Chambers on Drums…..and Bass?? 😉

  10. Turn the Page- Slight Return® feat. Gustavo Alarco

  11. Fallen (English Version)- Slight Return feat. Gustavo Alarco

  12. Resistance- Slight Return® Official Music Video

  13. I’m Wax video by Slight Return

  14. Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park play Slight Return’s “Warrior’s Soul” to Introduce Players onto the Field

  15. How To Get Jimi Hendrix Tone on a Budget by Mark Kassa

  16. Everyday Heroes- by Slight Return