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FYC- For Your 2024 Grammy Consideration- Best Rock Song, Best Rock Performance, Best Music Video- Slight Return®

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For Your Grammy Consideration- FYC
This years entries from Slight Return®
1) Them Changes- Tribute to the great Buddy Miles (2 categories)
FYC- Best Rock Performance
FYC- Best Music Video
2) Shake Move Groove- Slight Return original song
FYC- Best Rock Song
3) Come and Get Your Love- Tribute to the band Redbone
FYC- Best Rock Performance
We have had over 20 songs on the first round Grammy ballot and 2 songs on the Latin Grammy ballot. Hopefully we can get a nomination. Either way we will continue to write and record the music we love!

Them Changes- FYC
Slight Return®
Tribute to Buddy Miles
Best Rock Performance
Best Music Video
Shake Move Groove FYC
Slight Return®
Best Rock Song
Come and Get Your Love
FYC- Best Rock Performance
Slight Return®

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