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Metallica Orion Festival in Detroit, MI on Belle Isle

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Here are some photos from Metallica’s Orion Festival when it was in Detroit, MI in 2013.  Slight Return® had a merch booth there with Welcome to the D® and The D® Merch.

Incredible festival with huge stages and great bands including the Red Hot Chili Peppers and a surprise performance by Metallica who came out by surprise on Saturday afternoon under the fake name “Dohaan”.  Metallica Museum, Car show, Kirk Hammett’s Crypt- his personal collection from horror films and more

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Kirk Hammet wax figure orion fest
Metallica Dohann 1
red hot chili peppers metallica orion fest 1
Metallica Museum gig posters Orion Fest Detroit
Metallica Museum video outfits Orion Fest Detroit
Kirk Hammett Horrors orion fest 10
Metallica Museum stage prop Orion Fest
Metallica Orion Fest Dohaan 2
slight return truck at Orion festvial Detroit Metallica
Kirk Hammett Horrors orion fest 19

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