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Trademarks- are they useless??? #welcometothed #coroporatepigs

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Trademarks/Intellectual Properties- are they useless? What would you think if you owned multiple trademarks on the slogan “Welcome To The D” and then saw them on thousands of banners on a major city’s streets/posters/tv campaign/press release during the World Series, USA Volleyball tournament, Quick Lane Bowl, TV news appearance, Have you had your intellectual property used without your authorization? Please share your story. I will be writing an article about my story. In my opinion, trademarks are only enforceable if you’re a giant corporation. Individuals who have followed the proper trademark registration laws (in spite of trademark incontestability) are disregarded. We live in a society dominated by giant corporations. Do you agree or disagree? The Detroit Visitors Bureau sent three attorneys to court (in my opinion for intimidation) and my case was dismissed without getting heard based on “Fair Use”???? Fair Use means “we used it but not the way you said we did”- which is the reason why a case goes to court to let a jury decide- not a dismissal on a “Motion to Dismiss”

Wwe appealed to the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals (2 of the three judges were from Detroit- I thought this was very unusual because, I believe, that a person outside the region that the case stems would be more impartial than a native to the area) and the Motion to Dismiss based on “Fair Use” was upheld?????,  then to the Supreme Court of the United States. I was merely asking to present my case in court but it was never granted). The irony is that my trademark stems from my album “Corporate Pig”- which seems to have become a self fulfilling prediction. It has been alleged that they spent over 700,000 to make sure that I did not get my day in court with a jury. Injustice? Please review the pictures and you decide. I will be in several interviews and have been offered a documentary by an independent videographer to tell the story.

Why would the Visitors Bureau and other entities want to do this type of thing to a person that’s from Detroit and promoted the city for over three decades??? When the rest of the world was making disparaging remarks about Detroit Mark Kassa was promoting all the great things about Detroit- Music, Innovation, etc.

An interesting article I came across in Vintage Hockey- Hockeytown USA is Warroad, Minnesota- home of Christian Brothers Hockey Sticks and several pro and Olympic players. Here is the link to the article, it’s a very interesting read http://history.vintagemnhockey.com/page/show/1167472-warroad-the-original-hockeytown-usa #detroiteatsitsown #moneytalks #welcometothedoffical #thedofficial #slightreturn #truth #visitdetroit #visitorsbureau #reneemonforton #denhamedia #jefferyfiegerneeded #speakthetruth #larryalexander #davidvsgoliath #youdecide #isthisfair #judgelietman

Here is the OFFICIAL Welcome to the D video!!!®®®®®

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