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Middle Eastern America Television- MEA TV Names Slight Return’s Mark Kassa as the Chairman of the Advisory Board

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MEA TV- Radio has named Mark Kassa as the Chairman of the Advisory Board.  The board is comprised of great individuals including retired NFL Star Lomas Brown, Attorney Nabil Ayad, Doctor Basel Al-Jabari, Charlie Langton from Fox News, Donnell White from Huntington Bank, Fay Beydoun- Executive Director of the Arab American Chamber of Commerce, Ziad Kassab- President of Danny’s Home Health Care, Vicky Thomas from WWJ News, Jacob Bacall, Dennis Mouras. Kamal Shohayeb, Ahmed Boomrod, Nick Najjar, Rami Fakhoury, and Patrick Kassab.

MEATV  is the only Middle Eastern Television Station in the United States and has International viewership.

Special thanks to the station owners Wally and Ray Jadan!

I look forward to the opportunity and to a great 2023!

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