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Slight Return’s “Vicious Tides” wsg/Andy Vargas featured on the Bongo Boy Records 62nd FYC Album

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Slight Return’s “Vicious Tides” featured on the Bongo Boy Records 62nd FYC Album for Worldwide Distribution

From Bongo Boy Records

“Music Excitement at Bongo Boy Records as we are getting closer to the BIG DAY in LA (Grammy Awards® show) one of their accepted artists on the 1st voting ballot (FYC for Best Rock Song, Song of the Year, Best Music Video and Best Rock Performance). This artist will be featured on this label’s 62nd FYC Album by Various Artists.
Mark Slight Return Kassa aka Slight Return with their track “Vicious Tides” feat. Andy VargasDennis Chambers, Tony Green and Mark Slight Return Kassa. On the official release date which is scheduled for 2.4.20 look for this featured artist on this year’s collectable FYC album release.
Watch the music video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FIW6IGozQA
Artist Website: http://slightreturn.com/
Album Webpage: https://bongoboyrecords.com/the62ndfyc/
Album Project Details: https://conta.cc/37CEWqK
This fresh sound hit the FM airwaves in 2019 as Andy Vargas- lead vocalist for the iconic “Santana” band, legendary drummer Dennis Chambers and famed Death Row and Dramatics bassist Tony “T Money” Green united with Slight Return’s Mark Kassa released “Vicious Tides”- a modern rock masterpiece!
Released by Mi5/Universal Music Group- Vicious Tides spent 7 consecutive months on the DRT Global Rock Charts- peaking at #13 Worldwide! WOW !!!
“Vicious Tides is innovative, fresh, and hypnotic music that will leave you singing the chorus. It’s a story of truth, soul and “battles within” brought to you by an All-Star cast of musicians.”
This band and recording represents the cultures of the world and is further proof that music unites people of all ethnicities and backgrounds.
Vicious Tides was recorded at the iconic United Sound Systems in Detroit, MI where artists like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Parliament/Funkadelic, Prince, Miles Davis, Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye and many others have left their mark in music history! Mixed and mastered by Seattle greats Jack Endino and Chris Hanzsek, who launched bands like Nirvana and Soundgarden. Engineered by Omar Binno (a blind producer from Detroit, MI.), Steven Ivanyi, “Helluva” and “Cornbread” at United Sound Systems.
More info at SlightReturn.com and MusicNoises.com
Slight Return has also recorded with Funk Icon George Clinton (Parliament/Funkadelic), Billy Cox (Jimi Hendrix) and many others.”
Slight Return Press Kit https://youtu.be/xLG2ZB59T_Q
Vicious Tides: Music by Mark Kassa
Lyrics by Andy Vargas and Tatiana Javorsky
Executive Producer- Mark Kassa
Mixed/Co-produced by Jack Endino
Mastered by Chris Hanzsek
Engineers- Omar Binno, Steven Ivanyi, Helluva,
Video Executive Producer- Mark Kassa
Co-Produced by Wilson Sarkis and Mark Slight Return Kassa

Artist Website: http://slightreturn.com/
Album Webpage: https://bongoboyrecords.com/the62ndfyc/
Album Project Details: https://conta.cc/37CEWqK

Bongo Boy Records 62nd FYC album feat Vicious Tides from Slight Return

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